All About Matcha

Written by: Claire Petree



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Have you tried this antioxidant rich Japanese green tea? It seems like anywhere you turn this bright green tea is making a splash — at  your local coffee shop, in banana bread, even in ice cream! What's so great about this grassy, green tea? So many things!

Matcha the Plant

Matcha is made from finely ground tea leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, (did you know that all tea comes from the same plant!?), which is why it is in powder form when you purchase it. With ceremonial grade matcha like our organic Matcha, the leaves are shade grown, hand picked, the stem and vein removed, and ground into a fine powder. Matcha is known for its superfood qualities and is extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more. When you drink Matcha, you are consuming the actual tea leaf instead of just steeping it, so you get the additional water-insoluble nutrients, not just the water-soluble ones like with most other teas. And compared to other fruits or vegetables gram for gram, Matcha has a higher antioxidant level. What's not to love about that!?

In addition to being healthy, Matcha is also highly caffeinated. Time spent growing in the shade causes the Cameilia Sinensis plant to produce more caffeine and L-theanine, an amino acid that has a relaxing effect on the body and provides a slight sweetness to the Matcha. That combo of caffeine and L-theanine is why Matcha can cause you to experience a calm yet focused caffeination for an extended period of time. Compared to the quick release caffeine of coffee, Matcha has roughly half the caffeine but can provide you energy for almost 2-3 times as long.

Matcha the Drink

Matcha has a very grassy, vegetal, umami flavor, with a slight sweetness. The traditional way of preparing hot Matcha is known as Ceremonial Matcha and it's made using ceremonial grade matcha, a bamboo whisk, a bamboo scoop (we prefer to just use a teaspoon) and matcha bowl. However, many people also enjoy making it many other ways such as iced, as a latte with milk and honey, or in a smoothie. In addition to preparing it the traditional way with a bowl and whisk, you can "whisk up" some Matcha in a blender bottle (with cold water up to 185 degree water), with a metal whisk, with a hand held frother, or even by just shaking up a water bottle or jar. Make it however works best for your own ritual and tastes!

matcha whisk and matcha drink in bowl
person holding matcha drink in mason jar with dog

Ceremonial Matcha

Using a whisk and bowl

  • Sift 1 teaspoon of Matcha through a fine mesh strainer and into your Matcha bowl. Sifting is optional but helps to prevent clumps. You can also prevent clumps by making sure you really mash the matcha thoroughly when making a paste in the next step.
  • Add just enough of 185 degree water to wet the Matcha powder and use your whisk to make into a paste.
  • Add another 2-3 ounces of 185 degree water to your Matcha bowl and use your whisk vigorously make the letter "M" or "W" back and forth in your bowl for about 20-30 seconds, starting at the bottom and gradually making your way to the top of the bowl to gently break up the larger bubbles on top. When you finish there should be a nice uniform foam on top.
  • Sip and enjoy!
  • Feel free to play around with how much water you use. This recipe is for a "thicker" style ceremonial matcha. If the consistency is to thick or the flavor too bold for you, just add more water (we recommend up to 6 additional ounces) to make a "thinner" style matcha. Remember, this is YOUR cup of tea!

Matcha Latte

Using your choice of matcha making utensils and a milk frother

  • Sift 1/2 tablespoon of Matcha over a fine mesh strainer and into whatever device you are using to make your Matcha (a Matcha Bowl and bamboo whisk, a Blender Bottle, a Jar with a lid, a bowl with a non-bamboo whisk, or a cup with a hand held frother). Sifting is optional but helps to prevent clumps.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of honey to your Matcha powder.
  • Pour about 6 ounces of 185 degree water into your Matcha making device and blend together for about 30 seconds or until you see fine bubbles or a small foam on top.
  • Pour your Matcha into a cup and add 6 ounces of warm frothed milk (we recommend soy milk) to your Matcha.
  • Sip and enjoy!