Can't Miss Iced Teas - Summer 2022

Can't Miss Iced Teas - Summer 2022

Y'all. It's HOT outside! Break out the pitchers, the ice, the fans, the kiddie pools, whatever it takes to cool off. We love a good iced tea, and thankfully we have a lot of great options to choose from when it comes to staying refreshed in a tas-tea way. Check out our Tea Sip Tea-m's current iced tea favorites for your next glass/pitcher/tub of delicious iced tea!



Crisp Pear

"I can't get enough of Crisp Pear right now. I love it in the afternoon -- it's so refreshing iced in the head of the day and gives me the right amount of caffeine to get through the afternoon slump. Definitely for green tea lovers -- it's perfectly balanced delivering both fresh green tea flavors and you guessed it... fruity crisp pear!" 


Check out Crisp Pear!


Wild Berry

"Wild Berry has the right amount of sweetness and is my current favorite tea to serve on ice! I'm mainly a hot tea lover, but Wild Berry has been a great introduction to me liking iced tea these days. I love berries and this hits the spot!"


Check out Wild Berry!

Lavender Honey

"This is maybe my OG Tea Sip favorite, and I find it is a super refreshing blend on ice. The floral and sweet flavors are fantastic on a hot day! If you like lavender, you'll LOVE Lavender Honey."


Check out Lavender Honey!

Hill Country Hiker

"For me, it's the Hill Contry Hiker. Love it hot - but having that sweet woodsy yaupon and cinnamon cold brew'd over night is a refreshing must on those long trips into the mountains. The brightness of the mint and lemon myrtle really shine through iced. This blend gives me more than enough energy I need for my hikes! 10/10 :)"


Check out Hill Country Hiker!



Spiced Peaches

"I have way too many favorite teas to serve up iced, but I'm really loving Spiced Peaches right now. I think this is one of my first all-time Tea Sip favorites, so I'm sticking with the tried and true! This black tea blend has the perfect amount of sweet peach, cinnamon and allspice to make it just a delightful iced cup. And it smells AMAZING. Don't sleep on this great blend."


Check out Spiced Peaches!



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