More Tea, Less Sugar

More Tea, Less Sugar

We want to change the mindset that sweet flavors can only come from added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Between working from home, closed gyms, and new routines, unhealthy drinks and snacks are sneaking into our diets more and more. It's time to find a new sweet flavor fix that goes beyond adding sugar.

We aren't suggesting to cut out sugar all together (that's pretty tough). Instead, we're talking about exploring the wide world of other flavors, many of which are sweet in their own way without relying on tons of added sugar.

The Naturally Sweet Tea

There's no perfect replacement for adding sugar--but that's the point. Sugar has major drawbacks that we don't want to replicate. Tea is the perfect platform to capture taste without the added calories. There's countless other flavors in the world that offer sweet overtones while improving wellbeing instead of diminishing it.

Certain ingredients in blends will pack the sweet without the extra sugar, so we can still have that "dessert" cuppa after dinner without the guilt. How do we do it? These are some of our favorite ingredients to use in blends to deliver that sweet treat.

Stevia Leaf

Don't worry, this isn't stevia powder that's been processed to look like sugar. We're talking about the natural plant leaf in its unprocessed form. Within the leaf is a safe compound that triggers sweet taste buds. The neat thing is our bodies don't absorb the compound, so it's sweet, safe, AND calorie-free.

Typically you will find it listed as the last or second to last ingredient in some of our sweeter blends. It takes only a tiny amount to deliver a sweet kick to any tea, which is awesome because we don't have to cut out other delicious ingredients to make room for this naturally sweet little leaf.

Licorice Root

Lot's of people rightfully get nervous about this ingredient because they don't like the flavor of "licorice". Ironically, the flavor most people associate with licorice is actually the flavor of anise.

Licorice candies, which is what most people think licorice tastes like, are traditionally flavored with anise and sweetened with licorice. Licorice root, if steeped alone, has a sweet woody taste and works as a wonderful sweetening agent in many of our blends.

Fruit Pieces

Surprisingly, most fruit pieces in tea are not responsible for the majority of the "fruit" flavors. Although we source all fruit pieces based on their flavor excellence, most of the time they don't have nearly enough flavor after being dried to pack the kind of flavor punch that people expect from "fruity" teas.

Natural, organic flavors step in to bridge that flavor gap. Where fruit pieces really deliver in a blend is on sweetness. Once dried their natural sweetness gets concentrated to become little fruit nuggets of sweetness. In our fruity teas, the fruit pieces really complete that flavor profile, bridging the gap between the natural organic flavor and delivering some awesome natural sweetness.

So what are some of our favorite "sweet" teas?

Spiced Peaches, a black tea featuring sweet peach, allspice, cinnamon, and a touch of ginger. Cupcake, a green tea that tastes just like your favorite frosted vanilla cupcake. S'mores, an oolong with the perfect sweet balance of chocolate and marshmallow notes. Why not give some a try?

Spiced Peaches




A black tea featuring sweet peach, allspice, cinnamon, and a touch of ginger. You'll be feeling peachy in no time.




A green tea that tastes just like your favorite frosted vanilla cupcake. Who says you can't have your cake and drink it too?


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    Do you have an oolong tea with hibiscus?

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