Naked Oolong Latte

Naked Oolong Latte

Hey y’all! It’s your neighborhood Tea Somm, Long, and I’m here to share with you one of my favorite tea latte recipes. Tea lattes are awesome because they are so versatile! They can be customized and be as simple or as complex as you want. 

Today, we are going with a naked oolong blend. What is an oolong tea you might ask? Well, oolong teas are the semi-oxidized tea leaves that are part of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Because of the wide degree of oxidation levels, which range from 8% to 70%, oolong teas are known to have complex flavors and aromas. The subtle floral, nutty notes of Iron Goddess and the dark, woodsy profile of Narcissus combined make a beautifully simple yet delicious latte.



  1. Add Narcissus and Iron Goddess into your brewing device
  2. Brew Narcissus and Iron Goddess in 6oz of water (Second dot for those using a Simple Brew) at 195˚F/90˚C for 4 minutes
  3. Remove tea infuser OR pour tea concentrate into a cup and add the maple syrup OR honey
  4. Pour 6oz of Soy Milk in a frother and froth to 140˚F/60˚C (We love this one)
  5. Once frothed, pour the milk over your tea concentrate and get sippin’!

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