Cowboy Breakfast
Cowboy Breakfast Loose Leaf Organic Black Tea
Cowboy Breakfast
Cowboy Breakfast

Cowboy Breakfast

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1 lb of tea comes as FOUR 4 oz packages for a total of 16 oz (1 lb)


  • 2 oz of tea makes about 14 cups.
  • 4 oz of tea makes about 28 cups.
  • 1 lb of tea makes about 113 cups.

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This Texan twist on Russian Caravan, a classic breakfast blend, combines pine-smoked Lapsang Souchong with a unique blend of single-origin teas resulting in a smoky, earthy, forest-filled brew. A stout breakfast blend for the bronc-buster in you, because real cowboys drink tea.


organic black tea, organic oolong tea, organic pu-erh tea

Brew Guide

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About our ingredients

Organically grown ingredients are sourced from all around the world.

We use only natural flavors, never any artificial flavors or added sugars.

Our Tea Artisans carefully handcraft these organically grown ingredients into small batch blends, then pack them fresh for you to brew a great cup of tea.

Organically grown ingredients can change in flavor and appearance season to season, and you can expect some variation in tea flavors from batch to batch.

More About Ingredients

Brewing FAQs

You can use a kettle that can brew at specified temperatures.

Or add a bit of cool filtered water to your boiling water before you add it to your tea.

205F+ = boiling water is fine

195F = 4 parts boiling water, 1 part cool water

185F = 3 parts boiling water, 1 part cool water

To make tea stronger add more tea leaves and steep for recommended time.

To make tea less strong, use less leaves and steep for recommended time.

Do not steep your tea for longer, this will only make it bitter.

If your tea is bitter, it is likely due to steeping your leaves in water that is too hot, or steeping the leaves for too long.

However, some astringency is part of the tea experience. Astringency is the dry mouth feel that you get with drinking some teas.

Brew tea as recommended (same tea, time, and temperature), however use half the hot water recommended. This makes a tea concentrate.

Pour tea concentrate over a large amount of ice to diffuse the concentrate and cool the tea.

Keep recommended tea-to-water ratio (4 g of tea leaves to every 8 oz of water).

Steep leaves in cool filtered water, place in fridge.

Convert recommended minutes into hours and steep for that time. (ex. 5 min => 5 hours).

Keep refrigerated.

Good for 24 hours.

For teas with 5 hour steep times, overnight brewing should be fine.

For Sencha, we recommend a brisk 15 min steep time.

A 12 oz latte is half tea concentrate and half plant-based milk.

For tea concentrate, steep 12 grams of tea leaves (about 3 tbsp) in 6 oz of water – follow recommended brew temp. and time.

Then, add 6 oz warmed and frothed plant-based milk to your tea concentrate.