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      Chai It Out

      One of the most popular brews today, what is know as Chai is traditionally a mix of spices, black tea, and milk, sometimes sweetened. It originates in India, where Chai Wallahs sport roadside tea stalls that brew fresh chai all day, each boiling their unique recipe of herbs and spices in large pots over the fire.

      Confused by our chai options? Masala Chai is our traditional inspired blend, containing black tea (hello caffeine!). Green Chai is our twist on chai, subbing out black tea with green tea, and changing up the spice blend a bit to account for the subtler flavors of green tea. Chai Spice, is our spices only version (aka caffeine free). Be careful, Chai Spice is very spicy. If you don't want the full blast of spices, we recommend doing part Chai Spice and part Rooibos for a well balanced herbal chai. Chai Spice can also be used to add more spice to Masala Chai, Green Chai, or any other tea you would like to spice-up!

      Looking for a Chai Latte recipe? Check out our own in-house brew bar recipe here.

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