About Us

Who we are.

Born with the rebellious ambition to think outside the teabag, Tea Sip is dedicated to curating tea experiences for the individual, using only all natural, organic, and wild harvested ingredients. We strive to modernize and uncomplicate the tea and tisane world through a simple, fun, and functional approach. As a business, we value transparency in what we do, authenticity in what we stand for, and creativity in our actions. We are sipping, evolved.


Simply better sipping.

We source only the finest organic and wild harvested ingredients from around the world for our teas and tisanes. What's on the leaf ends up in the cup, and what ends up in the cup we want to be pure goodness. No artificial flavors. Just delicious, healthy tea.


Thinking outside the teabag. 

We believe that brewing outside the bag means a better cup for you and a better cup for the environment. We make it simple to brew without a bag by providing quality brewing tools that are simple to use whenever and wherever the mood to brew strikes.


What's your sip number?

We are here to take the guess work out of tea. Whether you are an established hot-tea-loving purist or a newbie craving fruity iced infusions, we make it easy to discover and brew what's right for you. Find out more on how simple it can be!


Sipping, evolved.

Discover a new tea experience. We aren't old school British high tea, "slow down, take your time" zen-style tea, Chai Wallah tea, or health-crazed tea - we are tea that inspires and fuels your life. Whether you like it hot or cold, on the go, in a mug, or in a pot - we've got you covered. Want unique blends, tea cocktails, infused recipes, and food pairings? You got it. Get ready to dive deep into this incredible little leaf, your style, your way, every day.