Livin' loose
as a leaf

our leafy philosophy

What does it mean?

Here at Tea Sip, our tea leaves come "loose" aka loose leaf tea. Choosing loose leaf tea means a few things...

  • It means more robust leaves, spices, fruits, and flowers, as opposed to crushed dust in stiff, confined teabags.
  • It means that all the pieces mix and mingle and move...creating a slightly unique cuppa every time.
  • It means that all of the pieces have the room to grow, expand, and be their best version, releasing maximum flavor as they steep in your cup.
  • It might be a little more work than a teabag, but the resulting drink is way better.
  • A better cuppa means a happier tea person :)

Being "loose as a leaf" means we strive to carry over these loose leaf vibes into our daily lives.

  • Not letting anything crush us or get us down, and embracing our unique, robust selves.
  • Mixing and mingling and moving in this world...connecting with others and places, creating our own unique life experiences.
  • Letting those experiences make us better, helping us grow and evolve.
  • Giving others the support and space to be their awesome themselves too.
  • Doing what we love, living life to the fullest, and living with no regrets, even if that path is a little more difficult.
  • And we think livin' this loose as leaf way makes for happier humans :)