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We're so glad you're here..and even more excited that you've decided to start your tea journey with Tea Sip! Don't worry, we're going to get you started nice and easy with teas you will love, teawares that are easy to use, and straight forward brewing instructions. Once you experience that first sip, you won't believe you've been missing out all this time!

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Here at Tea Sip, we are rewriting what it means to be a tea person. We think you're in the right place, but if you have any doubts...

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Curious about what you're about to get into? Want to know some interesting FAQs about tea?

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We have a lot of tea choices for you. The easiest way for you to find a few teas you will love is by taking our quick Tea Quiz.

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Prefer to search through our teas on your own? Just head on in to shop! At the top of the page you can easily filter based on tea type, flavor, and caffeine.

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We're going to walk you through how to brew your first cup of tea, hot, and fill you in on all the teawares you may want to get started.