Our history

a tale of blood, sweat, and tea

The Work Begins

Jess quits her full-time job and spends her days crafting unique tea creations and building Tea Sip from the ground up.


Tea Sip Opens

The Tea Sip shop opens in the Houston Heights and the Blend Lab starts cranking out packaged loose leaf teas.


Brew Bar Opens

In addition to selling packaged loose leaf teas and teawares, we begin slingin' hot and iced drinks to-go along with tea flights at the bar.


Tea Drunk Era

A growing customer base means a growing tea-m and lots of new teas and products!


Redefining Organic

The FDA unexpectedly changes regulations around organic flavorings, forcing us and other certified organic producers to reformulate entire blends. We work hard, making these required changes, only to decide the blends aren't as stellar. So, by the end of 2022 we go back to our OG formulas (that were organic certified when we first launched) and decide to drop our organic certification. We continue to source organically grown ingredients for all our blends.


Wholesale Program Launched

After receiving interest in our teas from other companies, we launch our wholesale program including bulk teas and retail packaged teas.


The World Gets Tough

COVID-19, lock-downs, and supply shortages rock our business.


The Challenge Continues

Slow storefront traffic leads us to start leaning into our online presence more. Costs for our business continue to rise along with ingredient shortages.


Brew Bar Closes

High costs and low utilization by customers lead us to close the brew bar by the end of 2021.


Tea Sip Refresh

To reflect our fun loving brand more, we begin updating our branding and storefront. We hope to attract more new tea drinkers to our shop!


Adios Kraft

Since the beginning, and for the first 5 years, we hand stamped all of our kraft packages, printed labels in house, and adhered them all by hand. As much as we loved this classic Tea Sip look, it was time to change to a more efficient solution that better represented our fun brand.


Storefront and Wholesale Close

With costs more than double from where we began, we decide it's time to get out of the storefront, close our wholesale business, and refocus our efforts.


A New Mission

We take some time to really think about what Tea Sip's future holds and what our true purpose is. We pave the way for the next chapter.