Tea Sip was born from a love of food and beverages and sharing that experience with others. Jess, our fearless leader, is passionate about all delicious experiences. She discovered the tea experience early in her years, starting with southern sweet tea at the dinner table, herbal tea bags, and eventually on to the vast variety of loose leaves. As Jess ventured down the path of tea discovery, she was struck but the fact that there really wasn't a modern approachable tea experience. Shops tended to be heavily old-world-tea influenced, living in British or Asian tea history books. Most weren't welcoming to those not already steeped in tea traditions. Then there were tea leaves, grown or processed in ways that didn't end up in a clean cuppa. The industry was also dense with complicated brewing methods and teawares unequal to the task. Tea was viewed as the step-beverage to coffee, despite the fact that it provided a larger variety of flavor options, was actually no more complicated to brew, stimulated with caffeine in a more effective manner, and was chock full of health benefits. Jess watched as the coffee industry matured into a modern world of specialty coffee beverages and coffee houses. Where was the modern tea experience? Enter Tea Sip.