Our Story

a tale of blood, sweat, and tea

Why do we do it? For the love of tea and people.

We're just over here crafting delicious, healthy teas and creating fun tea experiences that excite and fuel peoples' lives.

Founder Story

It really all began as a love for all food and beverages. As any of my family or friends will tell you, I love to eat...

Livin' loose as a leaf

What makes Tea Sip tick?

Cha-cha-cha-changes...Tea Sip over the years.

goodbye brew bar

Oh how we loved the brew bar... innovative hot, iced, latte, and sparkling tea drinks galoore. And who could forget tea flights!? At the end of the day, this part of the business just didn't work out for us. We decided to refocus on what we do best. Blending and retailing loose leaf teas. Still craving a prepared tea drink?

Adios, classic kraft

Since the beginning, and for the first 5 years, we hand stamped all of our kraft packages, printed labels in house, and ahered them all by hand. As much as we loved this classic Tea Sip look, it was time to evolve into a more efficent solution that better represented our fun brand.