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rewriting what it means to be a tea person

Hey you...

We are here for the real tea people. People just out there, drinking tea. All backgrounds, genders, personalities, walks of life, and whims.

From those who precisely steep to those who brew just flying by the seat of their pants.

Need caffeine? Or maybe you don't. Maybe you want to feel healthier. Or maybe you just want to wind down with tea cocktail? Some love a hot latte. Some say iced tea is a way of life. Maybe you dig straight up matcha or maybe you think a tea blend bursting with all the flavors just slaps.

Whatever your reason, it makes you happy. And that's why we do what we do.

Welcome to Tea Sip, we're so glad you're here.

We aren't about...

Categorizing tea people

What is a tea person? Everyone has an answer and somehow it's never right...because we are ALL tea people. The new kind of tea person is about creating space for every kind of tea person.

Pushing a specific experience

The industry tries to push people into: tea as medicine, tea as a zen experience, or tea as a foreign experience (chinese, japanese, british, indian, etc.) We disagree. There's so many more options!

Being a tea snob

Sadly we've heard of too many new tea drinkers encountering a tea person that we wouldn't exactly call friendly. This isn't an exclusive club. There's room for everyone, wherever you are in your tea journey.

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