Teas for New Tea Drinkers

Well hello there! We're so glad you're here..and even more excited that you've decided to start your tea journey with Tea Sip! Don't worry, we're going to get you started nice and easy with teas you will love, teawares that are easy to use, and straight forward brewing instructions. Once you experience that first sip, you won't believe you've been missing out all this time!

Find Your Tea with the Tea Quiz

Since this is your first time around, we recommend filling out our Tea Quiz. It will ask you a few questions about drinking, flavors, caffeine, and tea preferences (don't worry if you don't know - just choose surprise me!). That will help you narrow down to just 6 teas to choose from. We highly recommend choosing a few in the "Try It" size, typically about 7 cups, to get started.

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Explore Tea & Tisane Best Sellers

If for some reason you're not too keen on those recommendations, or are looking to add a bit more variety to your selections, head over to our Tea & Tisane Best Sellers collection to see what other sipsters are currently loving!

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Dive into Tea Sampler Packs

Tea sampler packs are also a great way to get started and explore the world of tea. They are themed by flavor, ingredients, and caffeine and contain 3 or more teas, some with and without teawares.

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Once you find your tea, jog on over to check out our teawares best for new tea drinkers.

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