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      Well hello there! We're so glad you're here..and even more excited that you've decided to start your tea journey with Tea Sip! Don't worry, we're going to get you started nice and easy with teas you will love, teawares that are easy to use, and straight forward brewing instructions. Once you experience that first sip, you won't believe you've been missing out all this time!

      Basic Brewing Wares

      Not only are these some of our favorite teawares because they are simple to use for all tea drinkers, but they are also budget friendly for getting started. We recommend the Folding Handle Tea Infuser if you prefer hot tea by the cup and the Simple Brew Teapot if you prefer iced tea by the cup, or think you would like to try resteeping teas.

      Shop Folding Handle Infuser & Simple Brew Teapot.

      Hot Water for Your Tea

      Hot water is a key step in making tea (unless you are cold brewing). Many new tea drinkers try to microwave water or use stovetop kettles. These methods make tea drinking much too difficult. We highly recommend an electric water kettle because it heats water fast and safely, at minimum one that boils water, but a variable temperature kettle is best due to the variety of temperatures we brew tea.

      Shop Kettles now.

      Iced Tea, Cold Brew, To-Go, oh my!

      Many new tea drinkers have a very specific way of drinking tea in mind - and we want you to embrace that! Plan on crushing iced tea every day or want to live that simple cold brew life? Check out the Simple Brew Teapot and Flash Chill Teamaker. Want to take your tea on the go? Check out the tea tumblers.

      Shop Iced Tea Wares.

      Shop Cold Brew Wares.

      Shop Tumblers.

      Got your teawares squared away? Stock up on tea and get to sippin'!

      I'm ready to shop tea for new tea drinkers!

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