Teawares for New Tea Drinkers

Humans have sipped on tea for nearly 5,000 years, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Nailing the times and temperature will just take the flavor from great to heavenly.

Whether you’re running a quick brew or perfecting a world class steep, the right tea tastes amazing. That’s because the most important stuff happens at the sourcing and blending phase. And what do you know! That happens to be our specialty.

No matter your experience, we welcome and embrace you to the incredible, healthy, historic, and fun world of tea. You’re going to love it.


The Easy Life

Want to keep life simple? Grab some biodegradable tea infuser bags or a folding handle infuser, a popular tea that sounds delish (hint: they all are), and a cup of piping hot water. That’s it! Now you can start living life on the tea side! 

You can also check out our tea quiz to find the perfect teas for your taste.


Low-Key Fancy Tea

Need to scale up for all the tea in your future? You can play with technique while our most popular teawares keep your process streamlined. You’ll find a quick brew guide on every product page and a brew calculator here for reference (remember these are just guides!). You can’t beat easy getting even easier.


Tea Sippin' Boss

Ok, you like to roll on expert mode. We can get behind that. Check out our variable temperature electric kettle to hit the perfect temperature for your blend. Play around with some cold brewing in the chill iced tea maker, or brew as you go (or infuse with some fruit!) in the personal tea tumbler.

There’s a quick brew guide on every product page, and check out the brew calculator for the exact specifications that our industry experts use themselves.


Take me to Your Tea-der!

Don’t worry, we’re much better at making tea than puns. Ready to see the goods? Learn about teas you’ll love with our tea quiz (it actually is quite accurate), or jump right in with our most popular teas and tisanes.