Unique Blends

Tea Sip originals

What makes Tea Sip blends unique?

Our tea blends are all developed in-house by our fearless founder. You won't find these special teas anywhere else. Find out more below.


Jess can be frequently found trying new ingredients, playing around with new formulations, and even tweaking existing formulas as ingredient flavors evolve or as customer feedback rolls in.

Understand Our Process

Step 1


think about what kind of tea we'd like to make - what flavors, benefits, ingredients, purpose, etc.

Step 2


think about what ingredients will been needed and create a first draft of a formula

Step 3


get samples of potential ingredients or flavorings we may need in creating the blend

Step 4


create a small batch of the draft formula using sourced ingredients and flavorings, brew, and taste

Step 5


most formulas aren't right on the first go, tweak the formula and retest and taste

Step 6


once the formula is locked in, ingredient statement is created along with description and packaging design

Step 7


order any ingredients bulk that were used in the final blend formula and order the new packaging

Step 8


craft the final bulk blend and package into retail packaging

Step 9


put the new blend for sale online for our tea people